Area Rug Repair: Heirloom Oriental Rug Resized for Smaller Home

November 1, 2019

Customers, Emily and Willie, contacted us when they’d acquired an heirloom Oriental rug from Willie’s grandmother’s estate. The rug, an antique Persian with a Sarouk design, measuring 10 x 15, was much too large for their home but an important part of their family memories that they hoped to preserve in some way.

Image of a rug

The antique Persian rug had sustained significant damage to its pile and fringe from many years of use in a high-traffic area of the family home.

Image of damaged worn rug

With the help of image editing software, we were able to present our customers with a few options that would cut the rug down into two or four smaller rugs, avoiding the damaged areas.

Comparison photo

It was decided that we would create two area rugs, but with the added challenge of retaining as much of the rugs original border as possible to fully frame the larger of the two rugs. The rug owners opted for machine-binding to complete the customization and they were absolutely thrilled with the finished rugs.

image of customised rug
Image of border matching customised rug

If you have a too-large rug that you would like-sized down to fit your specific needs, click here to contact us today.

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