A Guide on Stair Runners

June 4, 2019
A Guide On Stair Runners

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If you’re anything like us, you can get pleasantly lost browsing through home decor magazines and blogs that feature sumptuous images of room settings from all around the world. These homes and locations are usually designed by the top interior designers and decked out with the highest quality furniture, accessories, rugs (*wink*), etc., and they’re dazzling to the eye!

Chatsworth House - A Guide On Stair Runners

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In this post, we want to talk with you about a relatively quick and simple update you can make to your home that will match the gorgeous spaces that grace the pages of your favorite home decor reads — We’re talking about stair runners.

St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel

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Stair runners are specially sized rugs that run the length of your staircase to give your space a grander, more put-together look. Stair runners also add an extra measure of safety by providing extra traction when one goes up or down the stairs, not to mention the boost in under-foot comfort, which is a nice perk after a long day of work or running errands. Additionally, stair runners protect the steps beneath the stair runner.

Entry way with stair runner

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You have many options when choosing stair runners for your home, from traditionally decorative to minimal to color-pop-boldness.

Stair Runners - Main Street Oriental Rugs

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Stair rods, which are metals bars that fit into the crease of each step, are an extra little feature you can add to your stair runner design for an even richer look.

Stair Rod Options
Stair runners with and without stair rods

(Stair runners with and without stair rods)

Stair runners can be customized to fit almost any type of staircase configuration, including pie steps, circular, angled, etc.

Pie Steps and Two Way Staircase

(Pie steps, Two-way staircase)

Angled Stair Runner Installation - Main Street Oriental Rugs

(Stairs with an angled landing)

Stair runner installation, generally, doesn’t take more than a day or two per staircase. A professional installer will come to your home with your chosen runner, padding, and any extras you’ve decided on. The installer will map out the best way to place your stair runner, and if necessary, trim the runner to size. Once the installer knows the fit is perfect, they will secure the runner to your stairs with tacks, nails, or staples that are not visible to the eye and then the work is complete — your home will look like new!

Stair Runners

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Main Street Oriental Rugs is an area expert in stair runner installations, servicing Maryland, Washington, DC, and Virginia.

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